Language of Caring for Staff®language-of-caring-staff

The Language of Caring for Staff is a dynamic, evidence-based strategy designed to help your healthcare teams show how much they care; improve your patient outcomes, CAHPS scores, and financial health; ensure patient safety; and support your organization’s mission.

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Language of Caring for Physicians®language-of-caring-physicians

The quality of doctor-patient communication has a far-reaching impact on scores, outcomes, public perception, reputation, pay, job satisfaction, and much more. To thrive in the face of today’s challenges, excellent physician communication with patients and families is pivotal.

The Language of Caring team is dedicated to improving the physician-patient experience and patient outcomes as a result. The type of positive experience that truly reflects patient and family-centered care that reduces physician stress, and enhances physician satisfaction—that’s what Language of Caring for Physicians is all about.

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