Language of Caring for Staff®

The Language of Caring for Staff is a dynamic, evidence-based strategy designed to help your healthcare teams show how much they care; improve your patient outcomes, CAHPS scores, and financial health; ensure patient safety; and support your organization’s mission.

  • The program creates alignment by developing a common language for caring communication; it clearly defines and standardizes best-practice communication skills without scripting.
  • It mobilizes all employees as engaged contributors who together create a culture and community of caring that advances your inspiring mission … all without adding time to their already crammed days and nights.
  • The Language of Caring® makes your other initiatives more effective. It builds the communication skills key to quality implementation of best-practice tactics, such as hourly rounding, greeting protocols, discharge phone calls, whiteboard conversations, and more.

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Language of Caring for Physicians®

The quality of doctor-patient communication has a far-reaching impact on scores, outcomes, public perception, reputation, pay, job satisfaction, and much more. To thrive in the face of today’s challenges, excellent physician communication with patients and families is pivotal.

  • Physician communication is the number one factor most highly correlated with patients’ likelihood of returning to a hospital or practice.
  • Communication problems cause the vast majority of malpractice lawsuits. In fact, physicians in the lowest third on communication ratings have 110% more lawsuits than those in the top third.
  • Effective patient-centered communication by physicians improves adherence to recommended treatment, and self-management of chronic disease, resulting in improved patient outcomes for diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.
  • Physicians who communicate well with their patients find their work less stressful and more fulfilling than those who do not.

The Language of Caring team is dedicated to improving the physician-patient experience and patient outcomes as a result. The type of positive experience that truly reflects patient and family-centered care that reduces physician stress, and enhances physician satisfaction—that’s what Language of Caring for Physicians is all about.

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