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Empowering healthcare employees to communicate their caring

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Caring and communicating caring are two different things. No doubt, people in healthcare are caring people who intend to be caring in their work. Yet, these days, job demands, and pressures cause people to be so task-oriented, that they don’t make their caring felt. When employees don’t express their caring, when they don’t make their caring visible, it’s as good as absent from the experience of patients and families.

The Language of Caring for Staff  is a dynamic, evidence-based strategy designed to help your healthcare teams show how much they care; improve your patient outcomes, CAHPS scores, and financial health; ensure patient safety; and support your organization’s mission.

With the Language of Caring for Staff, your organization will:

The Language of Caring skills are invaluable, versatile, life skills that enhance communication and strengthen relationships beyond the workplace. These skills are not only valuable with patients, families and coworkers, but also with family and friends.

The Language of Caring Skill Modules

  1. Introducing the Language of Caring
  2. Heart-Head-Heart
  3. The Practice of Presence
  4. Acknowledging Feelings
  5. Showing Caring Nonverbally
  6. Explaining Positive Intent
  7. The Blameless Apology
  8. The Gift of Appreciation
  9. Say It Again with HEART
  10. The Language of Caring: From Good to GREAT

State-of-the-Art Learning Approach: The Language of Caring for Staff employs a blended learning approach that joins the best aspects of face-to-face with web-based instruction and resources, including interactive and engaging web-based skill modules, team learning, and hardwiring. Each skill module also includes a compelling instructional video filmed on location at Banner Health in Phoenix, with Banner Health physicians and staff as the cast.

“Language of Caring is a game-changer. The program successfully teaches the essential communication skills that drive exceptional patient care experiences. Embracing Language of Caring has helped PeaceHealth ensure that our organizational vision — “Every person receives safe, compassionate care; every time, every touch”— is an intention and a reality.”

Mary Lockhart, Ph.D.
System Program Manager for Patient Experience

For more detailed information about the philosophy and methodology of Language of Caring, click here.

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